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This is Oliver. He was born on 26th September last year at 40+1 weeks. After a normal pregnancy I went into labour at 40 weeks. The baby was back to back and therefore I required forceps to help deliver him. This was in Poole hospital. As soon as Oliver was born he needed to be resuscitated and was taken straight to Neonatal unit with fluid in the lungs.
As the day went on he got worse and they found his heart was failing. He was promptly collected by the amazing Southampton PICU retrieval team of consultants, drs and nurses and rushed to their paediatric intensive care unit where he continued to deteriorate. We felt so lost and helpless, left on our own by the empty bay. 
By the next morning he had crashed three more times and was intubated and being pumped full of drugs to keep him alive. His organs were failing and he was put on dialysis.  As the day went on the consultants worked tirelessly to establish the cause of Oliver's problems. We were told that there was a good chance he wouldn't make it to the end of the day and to get family to come to meet him ASAP.  We were devastated. 
The consultants were in discussion with Great Ormond Street about the possibility of Oliver being transferred there on heart and lung bypass. The prospect was terrifying.  As the day went on he began to stabilise and made it through the night with copious amounts if drugs and machines supporting him. 
As the next few days passed in a blur he started to pick up and his body seemed to realise what it needed to do. Each tiny step forward gave us hope. 
After 5 days in PICU I got to hold him for the first time. Amazing. I was completely overwhelmed. 
Later that day he was transferred to the NICU and started to feed a little more through his ng tube. As he progressed the drs started worrying about brain damage due to the fact he had been cooled and without oxygen at times. But after MRI scans and various other tests it seemed he had no long lasting damage. 
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