Chairman & Trustee: Dr. Iain Macintosh 

As Clinical Director of PICU Iain is able to provide a thorough insight and understanding of the PICU, the issues it faces,
how it is supported within the Hospital Trust and importantly it's future.  We would like to thank Iain for his time and  Dr. Iain Macintosh Chairman & Trustee of Friends of PICU

deciation as Chairman of Friends of PICU.  Dr Macintosh has worked for UHS since July 1995, and previous to this in
paediatric intensive care in St Mary's Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Royal CHildren's Hospital, Melbourne.   Prior to becoming Chairman Iain was a trustee for 2 years.  You will see Iain at many of our events, where he is only too happy to eplain the great support provided by the charity to the PICU. 

Trustee: Darren May
Darren, along with his wife Nikki and his family have supported Friends of PICU since 2009 when their youngest daughter Kitty was admitted to PICU and they learnt about the charity. 

Kitty's story at Southampton PICU

Trustee: Fran Mahon 
Fran is a Sister on PICU and so knows first-hand about the skills, passion and teamwork of the staff on the PICU, whilst at the same time as a Mum knows only too well the stresses this can put families under..

Operations Manager: Mark Hilder

Elaine and I were blessed with two beautiful boys (Milo & Oscar) in February 2008. But sadly just 2 Mark Hilder Friends of PICU Secretary
weeks before his first birthday, little Milo unexpectedly passed away.

Milo was born weighing 2lbs 13oz and with chronic renal failure. As a family we received a huge amount of support from local and regional hospitals. Milo was admitted to PICU on 5 occasions, often requiring life supporting help from a ventilator.  On 2 of these occasions he was retrieved by the PICU ambulance.

We experienced at first hand, on each visit to PICU, the full specialist medical services and the dedicated and very skilled staff during a very stressful and anxious time.

Not only did they care so well for Milo, but they also listened to us as a family and in particular were considerate and supportive towards Oscar who was still a baby, needing to be with his brother and mother.

After Milo’s death I was very keen to raise money to help PICU and support the INVALUABLE work they do.  Then the opportunity to be a part of the Friends of PICU charity was offered and I readily accepted. This is a very good way to give something back to PICU and to other parents who are or have been in the same position as ourselves.  The PICU is a valuable and much needed resource for South Central England and the Channel Islands, and fundraising to support the wards needs is vital to the continuing success of their serv ice and ability to help as many patien ts as possible.

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