In November 2016 Friends of PICU will be celebrating a huge milestone - our 10th Anniversary as a registered charity.

We are holding a party to celebrate the accomplishments we have achieved together with all of our supporters and would like to invite past and present Friends and Supporters to attend the event and share in our achievements, and the impact on the PICU.

Friends of PICU 10th Anniversary

There have been a significant number of milestones to be proud of and for the Charity to say 'Thank You' to all who have contributed.

At the beginning of 2014 we reached the total raised of £1 million pounds.  To celebrate we held a party and invited past patients, our patrons, staff on the unit and our sponsors.  We also donated the full cost of the new retrievals ambulance and equipment totalling £140,000.  Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

In 2012, we donated for the first time the full cost of £115,000 for the specialist retrieval ambulance, which we had been fundraising over 3years for. 

In 2011, we reached 5 years as a registered charity.  We held a party which many of you our supporters were able to attend. 

In November 2006, Friends of PICU became a registered charity - receiving the Reg. Charity No. 1116880.

Our elephant and child logo was designed by a parent of one of the children who had been on the unit – Russell West, and our elephant is a huge hit with all the children involved with the unit and the charity!  We even have an elephant mascot called Ellie who attends all the events she can! 

Friends of PICU was established by group of parents whose children had been admitted to the unit and nurse Rosie Mitchell and her family.  Meetings were held in the living rooms of their houses. The charity was initially represented by Jess Hutchinson (Chairman), Rosie Mitchell (Treasurer), Nigel Rennie (Secretary) & Tina Dine (Corporate Sponsorship Officer). Lee Nash, Gary Dine and Pippa Hutchinson were the 1st Trustees for the charity. Phillipa and Tony Mitchell, Matt Hutchinson, Louise Nash, Russell West and Jennifer Jones formed the rest of the committee members. Other parents and friends have joined the charity along the way as the charity has grown and time passes.

August 2004?, fundraising for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Southampton University Hospital began.  Originally it was predominantly controlled by the Hospital’s Charities Team; however by 2005 (a year later) those involved felt that a charity, independent of the Hospital, would improve the ability to control what the money was spent on and would also allow the charity to focus on fundraising for PICU, with the aim of increasing the awareness of PICU and donations received.

How are we doing?

With incredible support from our amazing  'Friends'  our fundraising totals are amazinh and very humbling:
Friends of PICU registered charity fundraising

This enables us to purchase large pieces of life-saving equipment, create comfortable living and relaxing areas for parents, and purchase more simple but important items like socks, mittens, and sensory equipment for the children.

The charity is run by parents, nurses, relatives and friends of children who have been on the Unit and have real experience of what is needed and wanted to make the stay on PICU as welcoming and comforting as possible in such difficult moments in a family's life. See some of their stories here .

Thank you to everyone who has helped Friends of PICU to raise such vital funds and awarenss of the incredible work of the PICU team over the years.  Together may we continue to raise money and help make a big difference for years to come.
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