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All of our Trustees have had, or have known, a child who has been admitted to the Unit. However, the Trustees are only one side of the story. We rely on volunteers to help us out at various events throughout the year. Some volunteers hold their own events too.

Giving your time to volunteer for us - have a look at our Events calendar - allows Friends of PICU to attend more events and thus raise more money!
We don't ask that you spend every weekend on a charity stall, but it really is more fun when we can work with lots of people and make new Friends!

If you would like to donate some time, please get in contact.

We're also on facebook and twitter where you can see what we've been up to- please become a Friend of PICU!

In addition to our volunteers we have various collection boxes around the region that the PICU covers, to take donations from members of the public. We're pleased to announce the following Award winners for 2010:

Special award
Portsmouth Co-Ops for raising £1186.91 and still counting !!
Top Pub Award
The Saints Pub, Millbrook
Top Collector
Parkway News, Eastleigh
Gold award (£250+)
Parkway News
The Saints Pub
Silver award (£100+)
Cleveland Bay Pub, Knightwood
Boyatt Wood Dental Practice, Eastleigh
Wellington Arms, Shirley
Bronze Award (£50+)
Coralls, Eastleigh
East Horton Golf Club
Mrs Lelliot's Practice
One Stop, Winchester Road, Southampton
Playshak, Hedge End
Poingdestre Fishing Centre
The Griffin Pub, Shirley
The New Clock Inn, Fair Oak
The Malvern, Southampton
Whalesmead Post Office, Bishopstoke

If you would like to be a Collector, please contact Rosie Mitchell.
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