Ambulance Update

On 5th July at 2pm we will be launcing our new ambulance, Toby at Southampton General Hospital opposite entrance.  All welcome. 

In July 2013 we advised about the requirement for the next Specialist Retrievals Ambulance.

On behalf of the Trustees of Friends of PICU we are pleased to confirm to you that the charity has agreed to fully fund the purchase of the next Retrieval Ambulance, and the order has been raised.

This is yet another exciting chapter in the amazing history of our lovely charity.

The cost is £117,000 which includes some special amendments agreed by the PICU retrievals team. Delivery is expected by the beginning of May 2014. We will be giving you an update on the progress along with some pictures in due course. And as tradition, we will also give a name to the new vehicle when it arrives – more about this later.

On behalf of the charity, the staff who work on PICU and the hospital and the trustees, we would like to thank everyone for, the donations received, attending events, and your continued support of our charity and Paediatric Children’s Intensive Care Unit which enables the charity to fund all the equipment.

With the help of our supporters we can raise the balance funds required by delivery of the ambulance. If you would like to donate please visit our Virgin Money page

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We are pleased to announce that the brand new state-of-the-art ambulance has now been delivered to Southampton General Hospital for dedicated use by the PICU. The £110,000 vehicle has been donated by  Friends of PICU  following a phenomenal fundraising campaign over the last four years. We are thrilled to be able to share some of the New Ambulance photos with you all. 
There will be more details to follow...
Our past retrieval ambulance was commissioned in April 2008, replacing the ambulance from 2003. On average the ambulance covers 30,000 miles per year but in light of additional cardiac patient transfers from Oxford John Radcliffe, the mileage has increased. The ambulance collects emergency patients from across the South and the Isle of Wight.
There is space in the ambulance for a parent to accompany the child.  Hi-tech equipment includes a purpose built trolley containing ventilators, monitor, six syringe drivers, a Braun space + docking station, defibrillator, Portable suction cups, Portable nitric oxide monitor (Noxbox).  The trolley also holds 2 E size oxygen and air cylinders and 1 cd oxygen cylinder.
It’s wonderful news that the charity is able to provide all the funds for this ambulance. This is a true testament to the kindness of so many people who have donated money, completed a challenge or helped organise an event to achieve the total required. 
However, while we celebrate the generosity of our supporters, we do not forget the true reminder of what the ambulance is for: to transport seriously-ill children to Southampton for the specialist medical care that PICU is able to provide. 
The Friends of PICU would like to say a very big ‘Thank You’ to all those who have donated towards this ambulance.  

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