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Charity Ball
Sat 14th Oct

Roaring 20’s Great Gatsby Charity Ball to celebrate the end of our 10th Anniversary. 

We would love to see you there, please do come along if you can. It will be a great night and is an important fundraiser for PICU.

The Roaring 20’s, full of glitz, glamour, razzmatazz , new motor cars, but also hoodlums and molls, hidden casinos and speak easys. Listen to some Jazz and be entertained by live music and a DJ with top tunes. Why not try your hand at our casino tables, or enjoy lovely food and drink and dance the night away, helping to raise money for PICU.

Tickets are available from our website shop
or our office at the hospital,
Call, msg Fbk or contact:

10th Anniversary Golf Classic Day
Thank You

to everyone who participated, helped, donated and supported our Golf Day. 
We had fabulous sunny weather to accompany the great golf and FoPICU is delighted to say

together we raised £7,756

our highest golf total.   


Proudly sponsored by Matchtech

Next years date booked for Wednesday 9th May!

Family Fun Day
 We’re so pleased to announce together we raised an amazing £2,634.34 at our FAMILY FUN DAY.  This is just wonderful.  
@TheClevelandBay for being marvellous hosts again, and to @a2MilkUK for their super sponsorship,
our brilliant volunteers, stall holders,
@FrannyBenali for opening our event, Crazy M for a fab show, paws patrol and all the doggies who were very cute - together your efforts in making a wonderful event and putting a smile on lots of faces helped make this day our biggest Fun Day total raised J. 


The Man In The Water
book by Ali Sparkes 

All profits from the sale of each book goes to Friends of PICU.  So far Ali and the Maguire family have generously donated a
wonderful £7,600 from the book sales. 
Thank you for your support.

(The book is suitable for all ages from 11 and above)

To order your SIGNED copy please visit our shop  

If you would like Ali to visit your school
for a book reading and signing

please contact
Friends of PICU by e-mail: 


The Friends of PICU are currently fundraising for 2 major projects that need to be completed within the next 12 months, in addition to donating other individual much needed potentially life saving equipment.

A new retrievals ambulance in June 2017.

Refurbishment of the
Parents Accommodation.

This will be an incredible achievement for the charity, one which is only achievable due to the wonderful help from our incredible fundraisers.

Thank you for your support.
If you would like to donate to Friends of PICU and help us achieve these projects, please click on the donate link above or contact the charity directly
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