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Run, Swim,
Walk or Cycle

Welcome to our new Fun event.
This is a virtual event, which means you can do it anywhere, with whoever at whatever time is best for you!

Would you like a special Friends of PICU medal?   To win one of these brand new lovely medals, we are challenging you to do 1k-10k in 1 day-10 days to help celebrate our 10th Anniversary.   You can choose to Run, Swim, Walk or Cycle your way to the finish line and earn that medal.

To take part, all you have to do is to register and pay an entry fee of £10 per person.  Registration is via our on-line shop Fbk or Website.


Charity Skydive 2016

Rosie Mitchell along with 12 other daring fundraisers will be taking to the skies for PICU.

Why not join us and Rosie, and take the Skydive challenge and get that adrenaline going!

You can simply float around in the sky and feel an inner glow of pride and achievement?

or, if you would like to
sponsor Rosie please click here

Friends of PICU are organising a Charity Skydive on the
new re-arranged date:

Sunday 16th October

To join up, e-mail:

or go directly to the GoSkydive website:

10th Anniversary
Celebration Party

We welcome you to join
Friends of PICU and help celebrate together 10 years
of the charity and all of our achievements so far, and share in our plans for the future that you have helped create.  
Tickets must be purchased in advance, and are available to order though our on-line 
please contact
Friends of PICU by e-mail: 


Proudly supported by

The Man In The Water
book by Ali Sparkes 

All profits from the sale of each book goes to Friends of PICU.  So far Ali and the Maguire family have generously donated a wonderful £6,350 from the book sales.  Thank you for your support.
(The book is suitable for all ages from 11 and above)

To order your SIGNED copy please visit our shop  

If you would like Ali to visit your school for a book reading and signing,

please contact
Friends of PICU by e-mail: 


The Friends of PICU are currently fundraising for 3 major projects that need to be completed within the next 12 months, in addition to donating other individual much needed potentially life saving equipment.

The expansion of PICU to 16 beds, currently only 14.

A new retrievals ambulance in April 2017.

Refurbishment of the Parents Accommodation.

This will be an incredible achievement for the charity, one which is only achievable due to the wonderful help from our incredible fundraisers.

Thank you for your support.
If you would like to donate to Friends of PICU and help us achieve these projects, please click on the donate link above or contact the charity directly

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